WORKSHOP – Trauma & Resistance: Innovative Responses to Oppression, Violence and Suffering


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Trauma & Resistance:
Innovative Responses to Oppression, Violence and Suffering

With Vikki Reynolds  PhD, RCC
January 30-31, 2019 | 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day


In this experiential workshop, Vikki offers an alternative approach to work with ‘trauma’, from a decolonising anti-oppression stance which focuses on the resistance of victims of violence and oppression. Honouring the wisdom of the people we work alongside with
in their responses to trauma brings forward their agency and wisdom. Vikki will illustrate a witnessing approach to therapy using practice examples and structuring safety as the foundation of the work. She will share alternative understandings of ‘trauma’ that resist psychology and the helping professions’ normalizing practice of re-framing oppression, harm and suffering as personal de cit and disguising acts of resistance as trauma and pathology symptoms.

We will structure our own sustainability into the work, looking at our Solidarity Teams, and justice-doing informed ways of working that promote our own transformations and offer a resistance to what gets understood as worker burnout. We’ll also hold the people we hope to serve, in the centre of our practice, resisting both disconnection and enmeshment, which will lead us to our Collective Care and “The Zone of Fabulousness”…


In this workshop participants will learn:

  • A witnessing stance informed by an ethic of justice-doing
  • To see resistance instead of pathology and to recognize harm, oppression and suffering instead of seeing ‘symptoms’
  • An alternative understanding of ‘trauma’ that is not intra-psychic, but interpersonal and occurring in social contexts of injustice

    and oppression

  • How to structure safety as a central ethic of witnessing work
  • Practices that hold clients at the centre of the work, and the “Zone of Fabulousness”–connection, resisting disconnection & enmeshment
  • Questions that come from an ethical stance of justice-doing in our conversations
  • Ways to create Solidarity Teams and practices of Collective Care as opposed to Self-Care





Windz Institute
ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids Centre of Learning 
504 Iroquois Shore Rd., Unit 12A, Oakville, ON

Early Bird Rate of $395 + HST Available Until December 14, 2018!

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